Rotary Reykjavík International

Rotary day February 24th 2018

Introducing Landsbjörg Safetravel.  Harpa concert hall from 15:00-17:00

In cooperation with Landsbjörg Safetravel branch we will be introducing this wonderful system which increases safety for travellers in Iceland. This system enables travellers to register their travelling schedule with Safetravel which in turn will monitor the trip. If there is a deviation from the plan Safetravel will check to see if the person is o.k. If necessary a search for the person is made.  This system definately increases the safety of travellers, especially those travelling alone

Rotary Reykjavík International


Norræna húsið - The Nordic House (kort)
Fundartími: Miðvikudagur 17:30

Kennitala : 4405051980
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Fjöldi félaga í klúbbi : 9